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World’s first latex underwear designed to be worn during oral sex is here


Oral sex can be embarrassing. What if you haven’t showered? What if your pubic hair is out of control? What if you’re just not ready? Well, one company believes that those anxieties shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a full and varied sex life and so have come up with the world’s first oral sex underwear line. Lorals is designed by women for women to get them more oral and - hopefully - more orgasms. The single-use pants are made from super-stretchy, ultra-thin, natural latex and are designed to as barely-there as possible so as not to hamper the experience. Yep, you actually wear them during sex and they work to free us from ‘worries and concerns and empowers you to enjoy oral sex with your partner, whenever you want it’. Apparently, 80% of women report saying no to oral when they really wanted to say yes. Research shows that women are most likely to say no because they’re concerned about hygiene or menstruation. Women also say no due to their shower schedule, bathroom visits, or grooming habits.


‘Lorals solve all of these problems, opening up a world of oral sex and orgasms to women who love the idea of oral and who want to love the reality,’ the company says. ‘Our sexy, single-use panties are made from premium quality natural latex, and you wear them while you’re receiving oral sex. They’re paper-thin and stretchy so that you can feel the sensations your partner is passing along. And they also create a vanilla-scented barrier to tastes and fluids.

‘Lorals are designed by women for women, to make oral sex comfortable, pleasurable, and effective.’ The fully vegan pants have been created by sexual health and design experts who have previously worked with Victoria’s Secret, Johnson & Johnson and Durex. The non-porous material serves as a barrier to tastes and fluids, while the tight seams on the bottom are designed to help contain fluids so that oral sex on your period (or anytime) is easier.

‘In the future, we plan to offer you even more freedom, when we release a version of Lorals that protects against sexually transmitted infections. But currently, Lorals are not medical devices and have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. FDA for the mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any infection or disease. Lorals are purely novelty products.’

They say that the pants have been ‘rigorously tested’ throughout their prototype stages, with testers ranging in age from 24-47, and from sizes XS to XL. Lorals’ mission, they say, is to help women have oral sex - on their own terms - any time they please.


‘We believe in oral and its amazing benefits, and we want to share them with as many women as possible. More oral sex means more orgasms, which means more power! By celebrating women’s intimate experiences, we will close the orgasm gap together.’